ScoreGasm Master Downloadable Artifacts

4 Jul
Hey Everyone, We just got done posting a bunch of artifacts for our ScoreGasm Master game.  This includes downloadable music tracks, documentation, 3D Part Files, Software, and more. Why?  Because we have vowed from the beginning to keep this project as...
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The Production Phase -Part 2

30 Mar
Dino and I hit the road the first thing in the morning, heading up to Spooky Pinball to pick up the SGM playfields and translite acrylics.  It’s a pleasant 2 hour ride through northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  Spooky Pinball...
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The Production Phase -Part 1

24 Feb
Now that we had a finished prototype, it was time to turn our attention to production.  On January 30th, 2015, Andrew, Dino, Yancy, and I drove the prototype up to VirtuaPin Cabinets in Michigan. Paul began work on the first...
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The Art Package

14 Feb
Having never manufactured any sort of amusement device before, I felt that the art, and artist, needed to be a selling point.  It couldn’t be just *any art* from *any artist*, it had to be iconic art from an iconic...
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The Long Road To A Finished Prototype

5 Feb
Our first cabinet was little more than a place to set our playfield in.  Now that we had a working concept game, it was time to take it to the next level and build a working prototype machine. We took...
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A Proof Of Concept

22 Jan
I knew from the start that we would have to ultimately build five different versions of our machine; a proof of concept game, a prototype game, a production whitewood game, engineering sample games (10 units), and the finally the production...
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ScoreGasm Master. It had to start somewhere

25 Nov
The 10th annual Pinball Life Explosion was something we all wanted to be special.  Many people pitched in and did many things.  The show was nothing less than spectacular.  One of the many people pitching in was Yancy Blaylock.  He...
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